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Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader

All-New Smart Tweezers ST5

New USB charging capabilities, Li-Ion battery, component sorting, semi-automatic offset subtraction, diode and continuity testing and 6 times higher accuracy over older models.

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Smart Tweezers: Small Device with Superb Accuracy

Smart Tweezers are a handheld, light-weight LCR meter created to making the testing and identifying components easy and time-efficient. The probes measure R, L, C and voltage of an assortment of components, including ceramic, with just a touch of the high-precision tweezer tips (available in straight, slanted or high-precision) to the component in question. Smart Tweezers select the proper range and frequency for testing, as well as automatically determining the component and LCR for accurate measurements, useful for debugging and troubleshooting pre-made circuits, as well as sorting loose and unidentifiable components. The unit is set apart from other LCR meters by being able to calculate impedances, both real and imaginary.

High-Accuracy Measurements and Multiple Functions for Best Results

The newly re-engineered model of Smart Tweezers, the ST5, features a Kelvin Probe. The 4- wire connection runs up the length of the Smart Tweezers right to the gold-plated tips, significantly reducing noise. This gives the Smart Tweezers a greater accuracy of at least 6 times over the older models. The addition of features such as: Designated ESR Measurement, Component Sorting and Automatic Offset Subtraction, replace the DC and AC Voltage measurement feature on the older models. Smart Tweezers still offer Automatic and Manual LCR Measurements, as well as Diode and Continuity Testing. Smart Tweezers can test the Resistance, Inductance, and Capacitance as well as ESR and |z| impedance of virtually any component, making sorting and testing efficient and cost-effective. Smart Tweezers also automatically calculate proper test frequency for the determined component, manual modes (accessed by a toggle button) allow for more accurate testing for specific jobs.

Smart Tweezers vs LCR-Reader

Smart Tweezers LCR-meter is a high precision tool with a basic accuracy of 0.2%, and it is arriving with an NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate. The LCR-Reader, a consumers choice LCR-meter, exceeds accuracy specs of Smart Tweezers ST-1, ST-2, and ST-3 models. The new device has a lower weight of 1 oz., half that of previous models, a price below $200 mark, and a basic accuracy of 1%, although the package does not include a calibration certificate. Similarly to older Smart Tweezers models, The LCR-Reader only uses 0.5 Vrms test signal, and due to that, is limited when testing some types of capacitors, including ceramic. It is well known fact that a test signal lower than 1 Vrms leads to an underestimated ceramic capacitor values, as it is documented in the ST-2 User's manual on p. 16.

Li-Ion Battery

Also new is the USB charger and Li-Ion battery. Compared to the old NiMH batteries, the new Li-Ion battery last longer, can be virtually charged anywhere (depending on availability of an USB port), and eliminate the necessity of battery replacement. This comes standard on the new ST-5 model, unlike the older models where rechargeable batteries were optional.

Easy Display

The display on Smart Tweezers clearly displays component type, measurement results, and test conditions. The 3-way division of the screen allows for quick referencing of test conditions, additional parameters, and test ranges as well as L,C or R. With a quick setting change, the screen rotates 180 degrees for left-handed use.

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30 days money back guarantee.
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