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Smart Tweezers India

Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader:
LCR Measurements Simplified

LCR Meter ST5

New Smart Tweezers ST-5S

New ST-5S offers all the same features and accuracy as the ST-5 model, but has a thinner body, lighter weight and bright display.

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High Accuracy and Ease-of-Use in the Palm of Your Hand

Smart Tweezers are a handheld digital LCR-meter with a lightweight and easy to use design. The combination of a set of tweezers, a powerful LCR-meter and a small display allow the user to test components and circuits by just grasping components in between the tines. Automatically, Smart Tweezers will determine the type of component, best test range and signal and test for Inductance, Resistance, and Capacitance while also testing for secondary values such as ESR or |z|. The gold-plated tweezers are able to grab components as small as 0201 size or 0.3mm, either loose or mounted. Smart Tweezers is unlike any other similar device available with it's many feautures, semi-automatic offset subtraction and the ability to calculate impedances, both real and imaginary.

Efficient and Fast Testing

To provide high accuracy, Smart Tweezers has a 4 wire Kelvin Probe running from the tips of the tweezer to the PCB insulated by handles, this means significantly less noise and better measurment precision. Features on Smart Tweezers include: semi-automatic offset subtraction feature which removes parasitics automatically after being set. The component sorting feature allows the user to test and identify components by just grasping them, this saves significant amount of time without needing to set-up the evaluation. Smart Tweezers are also exceptional for testing and debugging circuits, using a diode and continuity test feature. This feature utilizes an internal beeper that will sound when a reading is below threshold or an open circuit has been detected. Manual modes are available when a task needs specific parameters, users can select the test range or signal frequency that they need by just pushing the joystic-like-navigation up, down, left or right, there is no need to enter the menus.

Smart Tweezers vs LCR-Reader

Smart Tweezers LCR-meter is a high precision tool with a basic accuracy of 0.2%, and it is arriving with an NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate. The LCR-Reader, a consumers choice LCR-meter, exceeds accuracy specs of Smart Tweezers ST-1, ST-2, and ST-3 models. The new device has a lower weight of 1 oz., half that of previous models, a price below $200 mark, and a basic accuracy of 1%, although the package does not include a calibration certificate. Similarly to older Smart Tweezers models, The LCR-Reader only uses 0.5 Vrms test signal, and due to that, is limited when testing some types of capacitors, including ceramic. It is well known fact that a test signal lower than 1 Vrms leads to an underestimated ceramic capacitor values, as it is documented in the ST-2 User's manual on p. 16.

Long Lasting Power

Smart Tweezers is powered by a Li-Ion battery with USB charging, making it ultimately portable. It has 80 hours of battery life, and takes about 2 hours to charge fully.

Bright, Instant Display

The OLED display embedded in Smart Tweezers' handles instantly shows the results of the evaluations. The largest font shows the main impedance, and the secondary impdances above that, such as the ESR value. The component type, measurement mode, and a battery charge indicator are also present. For left handed users, the screen can be adjusted in the menu for more comfortable viewing.

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